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FujiClean Distributed Wastewater Treatment Systems

Benefits to Homeowners

You just want a system that works and that you simply don’t think about.  With over 2 million treatment systems serving homes all over the world, FujiClean has more installed residential treatment systems than any other technology.  Reasons for the systems’ popularity include:

  • Unobtrusive.  Small system footprint allows for minimal site aesthetic disruption

  • Quiet.   One efficient “library-quiet” blower powers the entire system.

  • Inexpensive to Operate.  System requires minimal power draw equivalent to less than a 60-watt lightbulb or about $5 per month in most locations.

  • Accommodating.  System has built-in capacity to absorb a wide range of real-life flow variables from flow spikes to seasonal use applications.  In other words the system is designed to accommodate “normal” living patterns.

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